Our Story

Brick Cafe bar & dinner opened doors in the middle of a freezing winter on December 1st, 2011 with only 35 seats inside. Outside, where the piano rests now, everything was covered with hard frozen piles of snow and the tempretures sent chills to the bones! The beginning was quite challenging for a monther of a one year-old, with an evening job outsourcing for New York, and a family that was falling apart. However, once you have lived an immigrant life, and wondered where you would have food and roof over your head the next morning, everything suddenly seems easier! With absolute unbroken determination and missing New York every day, an idea was born to recreate my favourite Astoria place where I used to go quite often esepecially after a bad day. Somehow when I was leaving every time I was feeling lighter and the problems seemed smaller. I wanted to recreate this atmosphere in my own way to welcome people and make them leave happier. Poeple don't come here just for food, they come for the atmosphere as well, and we know and appreciate this and we strive to smile, have fun and be professional! This is not just a job, but a place where we turn aquaintances into friendships, and turn a work day in a nice experience.

There are numerous restaurants in New York and Mexico, and Thailand, and Bulgaria. We try to prepare the food that we do best despite the lack of variety. We stick to the dishes that can be prepared authentic with the imported international products. We make great burgers with real minced meat that we grind ourselves and spice up. There is absolutely nothing artificial in our burgers so you can enojoy them like all other healthy food. We do not use frozen fries, we peel and fry our potatoes ourselves!

If you have any food alergies, please do inform us for your own safety before ordering!

Thank you for not smoking in our salons! We strive to be nice and professional and serve top quality food. If you do have recommendations or something is bothering you while here, please address the manager on shift. You may also email us at brickcafesofia@gmail.com.

Welcome and enjoy! We appreciate your patronage!

Most Sincerely,

Rossitza Kotzeva